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The cPanel interface gives you all the tools you need to manage and backup your website and databases, manage php versions, install SSL certificates, and much more.

Web Hosting Packages

PackageDisk Space & Monthly BandwidthAnnual Cost*

* pricing does not include domain or email services.

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An affordable solution for small businesses who just need a simple informative web presence that requires little to no management or updates.

web hostingDomain Services
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Xexus.Us is an official reseller of OpenSRS Domain Services. Registration, Hosting, DNS, and Trust Certificates.

Host your site at Xexus.Us and get DNS Hosting for free.

email hostingEmail Hosting
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Email at Xexus.Us is hosted at OpenSRS, on a dedicated mailserver with an excellent reputation. Mailboxes include 5-10Gb of storage space, stong spam filters, webmail access, and only available for domains hosted at Xexus.Us.