Domain Services

Xexus.Us is an authorized reseller of OpenSRS domain services

Domain Registration

Currently there are over 650 available Top Level Domain (TLD) extensions availible. The most popular are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .us: Others will climb in popularity as the public becomes accustomed to using non-traditional domain names.


Not all TLDs are listed here. If you need a TLD not listed here, please contact me.
Registering a domain name allows you the use of that domain for one year, and is renewable in yearly increments.
Renewing or transferring a domain adds a minimum of one year is added to the domain's expiration date. Domain name holders never lose any existing time left on a domain when moving it from one service provider to another.
Most expired domains come with a 30-40 day grace period. During this time, an expired domain will cease to function, but can be renewed at the regular pricing. At this time Xexus.Us does not charge extra to renew expired domains in their grace period (many companies do).
Domains that are not renewed during the grace period go into a state called "redemption", and cost around $150 to rescue the domain from being lost, and to renew the domain for another year.
Once the Redemption Period is over (usually 30 days), many domains will get returned to the pool of available domain names. Some domains may be taken by the registrant company (TuCows) and resold as premium domains.

Click Here to see ICANN's Registrant's Benefits and Responsibilities page, and Here to see the Tucows 'Exhibit A' agreement.

Trust Certificates

SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer) are basically encryption algorithms for your website that allow your users to send and receive data securely. Companies such as Symantec, Comodo, Digicert, GeoTrust, Trustwave, and RapidSLL provide various levels of encryption and verification methods to ensure that the certificate installed on the site is valid. Once validated, the users browser and the web server agree on a unique encryption code for sending and receiveing data.

If you click on the lock symbol next the https:// address above (usually green), you can see the details of the SSL certificate for this website. This website does not exchange or collect any sensitive data from it's visitors, so my encryption needs are minimal. My site contains a shopping cart, so it requires a higher level of encryption. If I were to collect or store credit card data on the server (which I don't), I might want an even higher level of encryption.

NOTE: Xexus.Us webspaces are hosted on a shared server, such that many websites share a common IP address. Higher level of certificates require a unique static IP address, and may not be appropriate for use on the Xexus.Us server. Please contact Xexus.Us for pricing and further details.